The Carji Club selection rules applicable for Members this year are largely unchanged from the previous year. As a reminder, the rules are as follows:

  1. Select one player from each of the 18 clubs. However, the player selected cannot be an ineligible player ('an ineligible player' is defined as a winner in the past 5 Brownlow Medal counts - Nathan Fyfe, Patrick Dangerfield, Dustin Martin and Tom Mitchell).
  2. Each Member is to input their 18 team selections through their user profile on the Carji Club website, before COB Wednesday, 18th March.
  3. Prior to 16th July (start of Round 7), Members may substitute through the website up to 3 of their originally selected players. Once again those players cannot be ineligible players.
  4. Your score is calculated by total amount of Brownlow votes received by your 18 players for the 2020 season, plus bonus votes (see rule 6 below).
  5. If one of your players is suspended during the 2020 season, his votes are still counted.
  6. Bonus votes are awarded for selecting the Brownlow winner (who is not 'an ineligible player') - 15 bonus points. Please note you must have made this selection prior to COB 15th March to be eligible for the bonus points. If there are multiple Brownlow winners, you still only get a maximum of 15 bonus points. Bonus points are not applicable if the Brownlow winner is included within the three (3) substituted players.
  7. Twenty two (22) highest point scorers (the Team of the Year) will NOT have their membership fees reimbursed in 2020.
  8. The highest point scorer (the Outright Winner) is awarded the 'Hugo Boss' Carji Club Jacket and Carji Club Medal. In the event of tied scores, to determine the higher point scorer, a count back will apply based on votes of the original 18 players (that is, the votes awarded prior to substitutions). After the count back if the scores are still tied they will be declared joint winners. If applicable, the same count back process is also applied to the 22nd position for the TOTY.
  9. The Outright Winner must be a fully paid up Member of the Carji Club Inc.
  10. The Member with the lowest points score becomes the proud recipient of the Carji Club Wooden Spoon. A Member is not eligible to win the Wooden Spoon more than two times (now referred to as 'the Keith Thompson rule').

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